Covid-19 vaccination registration

You are about to register for a COVID vaccination.
Please bring your insurance card and have access to a mobile phone.

In the event of an emergency situation, you should contact the emergency structures in your region.

Vaccination centers

Please write your name and surname as they appear on your ID card for your COVID certificate.

Impfzentrum Brig

Furkastrasse 33 (gleich beim MGB-Bahnübergang Brig / Naters)

3900 Brig

First availability: 19.10.2021

Centre de vaccination Sion (du lundi au vendredi)

Route des Ronquos 23

1950 Sion

First availability: 18.10.2021

Centre de vaccination Collombey

Chemin du Verger 3

1868 Collombey

First availability: 18.10.2021

Centre de vaccination Sion (ouvert seulement le samedi)

Route des Ronquoz 23

1950 Sion

First availability: 30.10.2021

Impfzentrum Visp

Pflanzettastrasse 8 (Spital Visp)

3930 Visp

First availability: 27.10.2021

Impfzentrum Zermatt (nur am 30. September)

Triftbachstrasse 7 (Triftbachhalle)

3920 Zermatt

First availability: 28.10.2021

Centre de vaccination de Sierre

Rue Saint-Charles 14

3960 Sierre

First availability: 30.10.2021

Centre Pédiatrique Pluridisciplinaire du Chablais Valaisan

Rue du Pont 5

1870 Monthey

First availability: 20.10.2021

Praxis Dr. med. Fluri Simon

Brückenweg 6

3930 Visp

First availability: 19.10.2021

Impfzentrum St. Niklaus (nur am 21 Oktober)


3924 Sankt Niklaus

First availability: 21.10.2021

Impfzentrum Fiesch (Nur am 08. Oktober)

Furkastrasse 46

3984 Fiesch

First availability: 05.11.2021

Centre vaccination Riddes (Seulement le 14 octobre)

Rue de la Vidondée 2

1908 Riddes

More than a month

Centre vaccination de Vissoie (Seulement le 4 novembre)

Buvette de la patinoire

3961 Vissoie

First availability: 04.11.2021

Centre de vaccination Fully (Seulement le 16 octobre)

Cycle d’Orientation, Rue des Sports 1

1926 Fully

More than a month

Centre vaccination Evionnaz (Seulement le 11 novembre)

Caserne des pompiers, local du feu

1902 Evionnaz

First availability: 11.11.2021

You can also carry out a corona-check at the following address: